Lapped in love
Lapped in love underwater stories

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Giving in and giving up

Lapped in love

You used to hold my head under water every day

until I'd beg you to stop

You loved to see me beg

that was no secret

You'd gush about it to me

when i lay on the the floor sputtering water

Your eyes wide, unblinking

taking in, with delight my red eyes

You wouldn't hit me

a gentleman you claimed to be

But you did over and over

when I'd tried to gouge your eyes

and you banged my head against the bathtub

Then the next day, when i lay all bandaged up on the couch

You had me apologize for making you do it

Some days I'd try to stay in longer

I loved it under water

In there, you weren't there

The water lapping against my cheek, comforting ,

a mother's touch canceling out a sadist's.

Maybe someday I'd hold on to her embrace.

Maybe someday i wouldn't come up for air.

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