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Oh I am sure I will regret wanting the holidays to soon as it ends

Funny ..not

The separation is definitely brief We'll meet after the Christmas week But the change is almost complete my days are now bleak

I am craving for that creak, that door i shut on your face for weeks oh that pure joy when i kicked you out and had my room to myself again..oh the sweet bliss...the silence. I was in love with myself But oh you drew me out and i bet you'd look all smug about it, if you knew you did

I tasted the pleasure of company, drunken conversations, night outs and jumping to the beats The quiet isn't as bliss anymore Craving for more Not you, just everything you made me a part of

This separation is funny I don't miss you I miss something more significant the smug content in my quiet room the bliss of not feeling lost in a crowd

the high from conversations the joy of not stammering and not giving a damn if i did opening up and not regretting bringing down the walls and not feeling vulnerable

It's kinda funny writing this Used to be best buddies with silence now i need this separation to end need you outside my door for me to hopefully make up with my best buddy again

the relationship sure won't be smooth sailing I am different now But hey at times like these it would be great if me and my best pal could spark up that easy friendship again.

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