::::::::::::::::Via Dreams::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::Via Dreams::::::::::::::::

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a story of a girl with stories in her head and dreams in her heart

::::::::::::::::Via Dreams::::::::::::::::

.................by via cordero................

There was once a girl whose imagination had no limits. She could daydream her way through a boring class and entertain herself with all sorts of fantasies and dreams.

When she slept, she had no nightmares, as she could control her dreams. She made wonderful stories and movies in her head.

Some had her in them, but most did not as almost all had a beautiful black hair and hazel-eyed girl, Via.

Via was a better version of the girl, it was who the girl wished she was.

The girl had made Via be all the things she wished she could be, do all the things she wished she could do, and look the way she wished she would look.

She made Via gorgeous, loved, smart, brave, kind, popular; she made Via perfect.

She put Via in her dreams, and in her head, she created tons of scenarios, billions of plots, hundreds of characters and dozens of worlds, and Via was the star in all.

Sometimes she even put Via in her own life, pretended she was Via, and did things the girl could have never done in real life. As the girl was just an average girl and not Via.

As Via, the girl dreamt of asking her crush out. As Via, she was popular. As Via, she had a boyfriend, and as Via, she had a life. Well, a life inside her head. Actually multiple lives, dimensions? The girl wasn't sure what to call them she just knew she loved them.

It was the day the girl dreamed of asking her crush out that she met Nicolas. Nicolas went by Nico, and he met the girl while he shadowed at her school one day.

Nico was shadowing the girl's crush on said day as he had just moved into the country and was trying to decide what high-school to attend; the regular high-school or the school the girl attended.

Nico was from Europe, he did not speak English very well, and so the girl's crush was looking for someone who spoke either Spanish or French.

The girl spoke both; she was Latina, Ecuadorian to be exact but had attended a French school when she was little and lived in her native country.

Very few people knew the girl was Latina, as she was the only Latinx in her grade and did not act like the classical racist stereotype.

Only her close friends knew, and she had few friends. Therefore, she was surprised when her crush came up to her with a boy by his side and said someone had told him that she was fluent in French.

The girl immediately blushed, it was the first time her crushed had talked to her, and the presence of two handsome guys was making her imagination go wild.

The girl's crush didn't seem to notice the girl's blush and explained rapidly how he had a shadow for the day who was foreign and did not speak English very well and how he needed the girl to help him as he was having problems communicating with his shadow due to the language barrier.

He explained how Nico spoke French and Spanish like her, and for the first time, the girl really looked at the foreign boy. The boy was tall, handsome, and he smiled nicely at the girl when they made eye contact.

The girl blushed, unused to the attention, and stupidly asked, "Hablas Espanol?". The boy laughed said yes in Spanish, and then switching to French said, "Et le francais aussi!".

The girl smiled and then explained in French how it had been a long time since she had spoken French with someone and how, because of that, her French wasn't as good anymore.

The boy smiled and in French said how the girl's French sounded perfect to him. Then switching too Spanish the boy told the girl that if she preferred, they could speak in Spanish.

As the bell rang, announcing the end of passing time, the girl's crush asked the girl if she would like to be the boy's guide for the day.

The girl said yes, smiling at Nico as she explained what had just happened.

Already seated and ready for her class, the girl told Nico he could sit next to her as there was an extra chair in her table pod.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, full of smiles and laughs as they switched between French and Spanish.

They traded social media usernames and cell phones, and at the end of the day, Nico told the girl how he would try to convince his twin brother and sister to come to the girl's school.

The girl smiled and told Nico that she really hoped they would all come here.

As they talked, a girl approached Nico, and Nico introduced his sister Valentina to the girl.

The two girls immediately became friends and swapped cell phone numbers and usernames as Nico tried to convince Valentina that they should choose the girl's school.

Valentina told the girl and her brother they just had to convince Carlos, Valentina was going to the girl's school.

Before they left the siblings promised the girl, they would text her, and they did as soon as they got home.

But it wasn't till the girl was getting ready to sleep that she realized her day hadn't been a dream.

She realized she had acted like Via for half of the day, and Nico and Valentina had brought out that part of the girl.

::::::::::::::::::::Part 2:::::::::::::::::::: ...................coming soon...................

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