It is actually easy to ruin your life
It is actually easy to ruin your life not-graphic-but-be-careful stories

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Me, screaming into an empty void

It is actually easy to ruin your life

by vertigo

Have you ever forgotten that you are the one in control of your body? You can walk out of class and go get a bagel. No one can stop you.

Don't you ever want to destroy something? A toy, a plate, a world. Oh you can't hurt others. That's just cruel. However, I have a secret. No one can stop you from hurting yourself.

Step one. You are tired. I understand. Spend the day at home, ignore the texts, ignore the responsibilities. No one can touch you if you stay very still for a day (or a week or a month).

Step two. Isolation. Your friends and family want to help, they want to wrap their arms around you and squeeze until all of your pieces are back in place. This is your body. Do not let them.

Delete conversations and stop responding. This is what you want, don't forget. This is you grabbing the control of your limbs and ripping them apart. Do not give up.

Step 3. So, you are all alone. How does it feel? It feels like peace doesn't it. It is sad, sure, but this is only you in your head. How wonderful it is. If you don't want to be sad, then bleed.

Leech it from your veins. Figurative or not, make yourself hurt. This is you. You are the only one in control, and doesn't it feel so good? It hurts but it means you're alive.

You are your own sad, quiet, lonely force of nature and if that isn't magic, well.

Step 4. Look at yourself in the mirror. You have scars, mental or not, and your eyes are tired. It is cold being alone, it is hard. Lie. Tell yourself it was worth it.

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