I too have secrets
I too have secrets razor stories

vertigo I write all my stories in less than 15 m
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Me, alone with a razor in the dark. Reflection on life and mental illness

I too have secrets

by vertigo

I talk a lot. Words push themselves out of my lips in a waterfall that is next to impossible to stop. I can be quiet but somehow everything I want to keep hidden is expelled from my body, violent

It takes effort, but there are things that I hide from others. In the bathroom, under my clothes, between the edges of my teeth.

They are all poison. They burn me and I refuse to burn others. I have scars, so many scars. This will not stop me from more bleeding. I would set my bones on fire if I could.

This world is so big. I am so small. It seems endless, this suffering. We are killing this world, we are killing each other, I am killing myself. This is what it is to be human, I guess.

It is terrifying.

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