Fake it until you make it
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Me, grabbing on to hope with both hands.

Fake it until you make it

by vertigo

We could be a universe.

No, not that. We will never be limitless, we will never be that free. However, we could be something. We could be beautiful, I think.

Look at your wrists. No, ignore the scars. Look beneath your skin. You see those? They are veins. They carry gallons of blood through your limbs and look!

Do you see what pumps this red? Can you feel it? Yes. That is your heart. It is strong and pink and disgusting but think. Think about what it does. Think about being born.

Think of the strange wonder that is cells dividing, making you think, giving you fingers, giving you feet.

Inhale. No, don't stop. Keep sucking in air until your chest is swelled and you feel so full of oxygen you might die. Scream. Don't just exhale, let out a sound and let the world hear it.

Actually, don't let them, make them hear it. You exist. This is you. These are your miraculous lungs and your powerful throat. You were born, You were created.

You are a force of nature. Do not forget how you are the most powerful thing in your skin. You are something magnificent.

Laugh because you are only skin and muscle and bone but in your fingertips you hold the power to change the world.

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