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veronicayv My grammar is bad sorry :(
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My lingering thoughts.


I sometimes wonder how far is really far and how lost is really lost.

I begin to wonder about a lot of things happening in the world, I watch as the number of missing people rises and the toll death rises with it if not faster.

I once attended church and I heard them speaking of God, but I sometimes wonder if there really is a God because why put his children through all this.

They say his love is unconditional and that we are all his children but then again we are put through so much suffering. If he really loved us why hurt us...

This feels more like a toxic relationship that I want no part of.

I have trouble going to sleep, my brain never stops and my thoughts never end,

I want to know more about what happened to all those missing people and I want to know why we the human race must kill each other in such cruel ways.

I must say I am hungry for knowledge but no matter what I do I don't get the answers I'm looking for, I've given up a lot of things just to find myself lost again in this world.

I've met a lot of people on this journey and yet none of them seemed sincere.

They masked themselves with perfection when in reality they are from it.

I want to find the answers to my questions but then again nobody seems to have them, who must I look for and what must I do to finally get a good night's sleep.

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