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A grandfather like no other but more of a father than all.

Dear Grandfather

Dear grandfather,

You believe in me, you love me, and you cry when hearing my voice.

I try not to call home because it breaks my heart to hear your voice and not be able to see your face, I break at the thought of you being sick,

I cry when I remember that at any moment you could be leaving me behind.

When no one wished for me to be born you were the only one who convinced my mother to have me, you took care of me,

you sheltered me from my mother's hate but grandfather if you loved me that much why did you allow her to take me?

Since the moment I left your arms, I have been everything but happy, I was forced to grow up at the age of 7. I learned how to cook, clean, and dress not only myself but my one-year-old sister.

I understood that my mother was young and a single mother but did you know that I became my sister's mother?

I do not blame you nor am I writing this to make you feel bad I just want to share my thoughts and sorrows with you,

I sometimes wonder if you will hold me in your arms when I feel hopeless and alone or will you tell me to grow up just like my mother does.

Grandfather did you know that at the age of 10 I became the mother of one more, my mother gave birth to my youngest brother and like before I became my brother's mother,

I laugh now knowing that both my children listen and follow me more than they follow their real mother. I might not know what being a child or an adult is but I do know what being a mother is.

After leaving your home I went through many heartwrenching things but I became a mother and was loved by not just you but by two others.

I still remember your honey-colored eyes, your beautiful and sweet voice, your amazing smile, your kindness, the smell of your handkerchief, and the warmth of your body.

I am proud to say I am your granddaughter, I am proud to say that you are my everything. I have no father but you have always treated me like your own child.

While everyone fights for your inheritance I will fight to keep you healthy and alive so that one day you can walk me down the aisle, watch my children grow up,

keep calling you my grandfather, and so that you can watch as I become someone you can be proud of.

I am still not able to leave the country to go see you and hug you but I promise you, grandfather,

that as soon as I am able to I will go see you and I will tell you everything I am grateful for and everything you have taught me.

When that day comes I will stop by your favorite restaurant and bring you the food you love, grandfather please stay until the hair on my head becomes grey, until my strength begins to fade,

and until my years come to an end.

Dear grandfather, please love me until then...

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