Dear "Friends,"
Dear "Friends," thoughts stories

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Sometimes they are not who they seem but there will always be others who will come into your life and bless you with love.

Dear "Friends,"

Some of my best memories were made along your side, our late night drives and crazy adventures were all made along with you.

We all hopped in my car and took off not caring about the what-ifs, but sadly today I find myself thinking back.

The only reason we ever hangout was because I begged you guys to hang out, I paid for everything and used my car to pick all of you up.

I'm not complaining because I felt joy in spending time with all of you, I never once complained but after I quit my job and was having a hard time where were all of you,

I called and texted but no one answered...

I once met _____ at the mall and I tried to say hi but she ignored me and continued walking with her friends, I cared and trusted all of you.

Why must I be there when you need me but you don't have to be there when I need you,

I've become closer to the people you all once told me to not hang out with and I've come to notice the difference between them and you.

I try to pay for things and they stop me, they always pick up when I call, they always listen when I talk...they genuinely care for me and all I have to do is be myself.

I'm working on myself and trying to accomplish my goals but now that I'm doing better you all reach out and when I confront you with the truth you put the blame on me,

it's ok ill take the blame but please never contact me again.

I will cherish the happy memories we once shared and never tell anyone about the secrets we told each other. Until the end, I was your loyal friend so please lets never meet again.

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