Don't open the door (part one)
Don't open the door (part one) stories

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Don't open the door (part one)

p.s this is a like phone text stuff that i made up lol

Maddy:mom there is some one at the door should i open the door? Mom: sweet heart don't OPEN the door do u hear me? Maddy:but they are still knocking mom. Mom:I told you dont where is dad?

Maddy:he is at the store mom. Mom:well just don't answer it do you hear me? Maddy:but someone is still knocking. Mom:turn all of the lights off and go hide in your room and lock your room door

Maddy: ok i did it and someone is not k-Mom MOM Mom! Mom:WHAT! Maddy:the person open the door THE BACK DOOR i forgot to lock it Mom! Mom:OK im calling 911 just keep hiding ok do you hear me? Maddy:ok Mom but hurry!

Maddy:mom i hear them coming up stairs. Mom:ok the police is coming they will be there in 15 more miutes Maddy:Mom if i dont make it just know i love you and dad. Mom:dont say that u will make it i would never let no one touch my daughter.

Maddy:MOM MOM MOM they are by my door and trying to break my door open so i put my tv stand by the door. Mom:im getting off work right now im on my way im going to be there in 8 minutes ok? Mom:maddy? Mom:MADDY

part two is going to come up in a bit

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