Spiritual Emergency.
Spiritual Emergency. spiritual stories

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Explore the various effects and aspects of spiritual crises, the avid want to be spiritual, and the debate between the mind and reality.

Spiritual Emergency.

Crises of faith, a form of spiritual emergency. The search for true answers of the greater nature of the universe.

These crises are a crucial step in the cognitive development of human realization and consciousness. And it can embody itself as religious doubts, or moral transformations of one's identity.

You've been raised in a certain way, following a precise system of beliefs and ideologies.

Maybe you were born into an Orthodox environment, or an absolutely atheistic household, and you may have followed those doctrines for the rest of your life, as does the average person.

But, sometimes, in cases of increased religious activity, or lack thereof, the individual reaches a higher state of thought.

One starts to question the nature of the world, is there really a creator? How can you prove the existence of a higher entity? How can you prove there isn't one?

One's belief start to become mixed and disordered. This sparks one's curiosity, so, naturally, the affected human will head to research.

Seeking answers to explain one's degree of spirituality and morality. This phenomenon causes drastic changes to one's identity and personality.

This may redirect them towards a new collection of beliefs, and completely shift their view on the world.

This alternation in one's perspective is one of the most difficult operations to occur in the human soul.

Having to let go of the beliefs you've held so dearly for your entire life is a scary thought, it means that you have to adopt newer ideas that you actually feel comfortable with,

it is a rather hard operation.

It's equivalent to finding out about your sexual or romantic orientation, except that it doesn't come with a natural answer, you actually have to look for the answer yourself.

Though, it does have some benefits, as it trains one's intuition to run its cogs and look for greater answers, it instinctively creates an accepting state of open-mindedness.

And it causes great curiosity and an immense desire to find out about the truth. It truly activates the human mind to fulfill its goal. Finding the truth.

Though, it isn't a simple journey, it can take ages to find a system of beliefs you're comfortable with, if it even exists.

But this modification in one's credibility and identity is no laughing matter, it can cause severe distress and depression.

It causes extreme confusion and disorientation, it destroys all of your progress and faith that you've accumulated throughout your life. It is a truly detrimental occurrence.

Once you enter a period of questioning life itself and the nature of the world, it strikes you deeply, it pierces through your process of thought and tears it apart.

Process of thought, the wall that you kept working on building throughout your childhood and sensitive period.

A barrier robust as diamond, impermeable as an insulator, high as the Karman line, wide as the equator, surrounding the miracle that is your mind.

This frontier has been completely broken down and annihilated by a single thin arrow. The arrow of human spirituality. Human nature thrives only to search for the truth, actuality and reality.

And arrows that break the desmosomes between the mind and reality cut through the brain, it turns psychotic.

All contact with reality is lost, anxiety generates to compensate for the loss of understanding of reality, depression to replace the lost moods during periods of pondering, and so on.

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