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vero I miss feeling.
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Blood is a pretty good analogy for emotion.


Blood gets its red colour from the haemoglobin in it, it also happens to both be attracted and repelled by magnets.

That's because some components of blood are allured into the trap of magnetic fields, and others are pushed away by the supposedly fragrant odour of a part of a fundamental force of nature.

I see myself in that natural phenomenon, I see melancholia in that natural phenomenon.

Some parts of the pit in my stomach seem so attractive, yet have such a sombre nature hidden in their well of dark, foul, and gelatinous water.

Other parts are observably repulsive, you cannot possibly approach them with will... is what the usual person would say.

I mean, who in their right mind would want to approach suicidality and spend their night thinking about jumping off a cliff or overdosing on Propranolol?

Sadly, the nasty and malicious clown that is reality always has tricks up his sleeves, and he pulls out a card, "Is this your card?

" He asks with a sinister voice, pulling out an ace of hearts, "Yes," you respond with nonchalance.

Indeed, your heart longs for emotion, feeling empty and apathetic for too long has never done anyone good, the pseudo-sociopathy of losing empathy, the depression of losing joy,

the mania of losing sadness, the void of losing sentiment. The antithesis that your body presents to deal with an overwhelming thesis of feeling: apathy.

The apathy overwhelms you, fluid fills your lungs, hydrocephalus governs your head, arthritis immobilises your joints.

Eventually, you will reach a breaking point, all the emotion you have missed out on, will smash your head into a gore scene at once.

The emotion will come disguised, a ghost of melancholia will chase you through the fields of your psychic apparatus, and then its spectral limb will tear into your body, you're paralysed.

A cold reptile snakes down your spine, your hair is electrocuted into an orthogonal posture.

You feel more of the phantom invade you like a pathogen, except with this particular antigen, your immune system is totally deficient.

You submit to the will of the ethereal demigod that is inhabiting you, you give up and accept their rule. They are now sovereign, you're back to your Disconnecting Dissociation.

Welcome back, to Nowhere.

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