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In this piece of writing, I will explore the fundamental nature of love. An emulation of feelings of romance and a simulation of fiery sensations of endearment and fondness. Enjoy discovering the basis of infatuation and idolatry.


It is nighttime, I feel so burnt out and exhausted. A cold night indeed, but I feel quite warm. Which reminds me, I'm in love with them...

Love, such a beautiful feeling. Having lived a lot of my recent years in a pit of depression and confusion, I never thought I'd feel such a spicy sensation.

It is, as if there was an intense flame ignited between your sternum and heart, expanding through your chest, into your abdomen, and to your back.

Sweet and gentle shivers propagate down your back, as your body gets cozy. Your thighs squish together and rub against each other, as you begin pull yourself in out of shyness and timidity.

It is, indeed, a very lovely feeling.

Isn't romance such a beauty?

The feeling of having a bond so strong with somebody that you think about waking up to their face every night, being in their arms every night,

feeling their heat transmit into your body tenderly as your skin touches softly and gently.

As the two of you lie on the same bed, synchronizing your heartbeats, looking through each others' pupils, and at the same time, admiring one another's vivid irises.

It is as if some kind of telepathic lightning bolt shined through one's eyes into the other's, inciting a genuine and love-filled smile.

You two smooch passionately and amorously, pulling each other closer. A feeling of exclusive security is then generated.

You just can't let go of each other, not in such a chilly, nocturnal room.

It is a very ardent feeling to experience a feeling that drives you so madly in love with somebody that you're more than ready to share your private space with them.

As one envelops the other in their arms, showering them with warmth and affection.

It is, indeed, a very strong and intimate bond that people develop with their lovers.

A bond that ignores the visuals of the body as long as it's not on worrisome extremes, and instead, focuses on one's identity, character, traits, and one's actual self,

rather than only one's physical looks. You start to attach yourself to your dear darling, it automatically makes them your happy place. A reason to live. A source of fiery emotion.

A flow of safety and ardent passion. They become a magnet to your feelings, making you doze off into daydreaming about their dandy selves and body.

Their lips, hair, eyes, everything about them, starts to feel abnormally flawless.

You accept them for who they are, for what they like, for their opinions, you like them for one thing of theirs, and that is, their identity.

The complex aspect about them that made you fall in a pit of wild love with them.

Their company starts to feel like visceral and fluid rivers of sweet honey. As its output falls into your hearts.

It feels like a wonderful symphony, a harmonic melody, a euphonic note, a utopia, a land of flowery fields and sheltered hills of green grass.

Such a beautiful landscape is visible from up this mountain, that is made up of mysterious glamour. Red rivers flowing everywhere, quenching the thirst of polychromatic flowers.

Which bloom and reveal a blinding panorama of aesthetic lights and nuances. The dew forming on them offers even more soothing visuals to your eyes.

The flowers hide a land of green turf underneath, which demonstrates itself every time the wind blows and the flowers move aside,

showing off a beautiful ground whose greenery lightens periodically with the wind. The view of other hills, the pretty valleys, the pleasuring hillocks.

The birds chanting harmonious hymns, and enchanting mellifluous sounds. Suddenly, you realize that you aren't alone, your hand is being held, kept in a strong grip of amorous sensations.

They are there, with you.

Such a soothing emotion, wonderful, marvellous, glorious, simply, lovely.

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