I love you,
I love you, love stories

vero I miss feeling.
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I fell for you, Loving yet not so.

I love you,

I fell for you,

Loving yet not so.

You make me feel blue,

Grieving for dear Woe.

I wish you'd think about me

As much as I think about you,

You make me blow with glee,

But how do I love you?

Do I start by telling you,

That you're my balance,

My chaos, and my cause

To not end it in silence?

Or do I just tell you,

That you're Aphrodite,

That you deserve Venus

And not a non-deity?

I love you, but do you love me?

I adore you, but do you think of me?

You're my fantasy, but why do you flee

From me?

I love you, and I wish you understood that,

I love you, and I'm okay with that.

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