For: My Angel

For: My Angel stories

vernlanee I’m learning
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I love you.
Thank you for reading.

For: My Angel

My angel had curls in her hair

And a joyful smile

She had soft skin

And a knack for playing cards

Her nails were red

Her singing electric

Her stories were black and white

She was born south of the water

Under the sun and moon

Where she learned to be strong

Where she learned to live

Where she learned to dance

For the ones who came after

Who carried her name

Who cried when my angel

Gained her wings

She returned to the moon

She returned to the sun

Returned to the waters

Of which she’d come

She waved goodbye

With a warm smile

To the children she carried

For this while

She knew we’d grow

In the garden she sowed

She knew she prepared us

For her time to go

Our angel left us

On a quiet day

We thanked our angel

As she flew away

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