Dear Body
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vernlanee I’m learning
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Dear Body

I think if I kept walking, I could forget.

The way that hand turned my mind to shreds.

The way I froze and didn't move.

Is it wrong to feel like I have something to prove?

To the trusting 'me', who apologized when she moved away.

From the hand that started to stray.

Dear body, from now on, I promise to protect you.

I'm sorry that last time I didn't know what to do.

I should have been safe with a friend.

Please, can we make amends?

I know you still flinch at unfamiliar hands.

I know it's still hard for you to dance.

I promise next time I'll scream.

We will work as a team.

Please forgive me, for being naive.

For being meek when I wanted to leave.

Next time we'll fight for our home.

Next time, I won't leave you alone.

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