Fearful Moments
Fearful Moments love matters stories

veritobel09 Community member
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Fear is a monstrous feeling.

Fearful Moments

Doubt is a hated enemy. Even when the sun shines brightly against the cloudless sky. A gray cloud hover ever so quietly.

It is in that split second where all the black thoughts begin to spew. Like ink blotches dancing against the smooth surface of water.

Uncertainty rise deep within the mind. It whispers so confidently, so smugly. “You really think he loves you?”

“He hasn’t really talk to you today.” Fear slowly enveloping like a cocoon.

You tremble. You cry. You shout. You fear the doubtful thoughts may be true.

In those fearful moments, you almost believe the lie. Almost... Until...

He calls you. He tells you how much he misses you. He tells you how much he loves. And that is the truth.

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