The School of Lost Souls Part 2
The School of Lost Souls Part 2  horror stories
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After hearing about an unsolved series of murders that took place at their school four decades ago, classmates Luke and Lee decide to infiltrate the school during half-term to attempt to uncover the truth. Are they merely over-exaggerating like regular teenagers, or will they uncover the chilling secrets of the past?

The School of Lost Souls Part 2

I heard a door suddenly swing open from the other end of the hall, and I instinctively pulled Lee down with me behind a stack of chairs.

I peeped out from the top of the chairs, trying to get a glimpse of who it was. It was the principal, and he was just staring at the floor.

"Yes!" I thought to myself, I'm going to catch this prick opening the hidden entrance to this evil part of the school!

But no, he just resumed walking to the other side of the hall and went into the music department that we had entered from.

"Bet you he's going to clean the cages with the science teacher" Lee whispered in my ear. "Right, we got to follow the bastard then Lee!"

I exclaimed to Lee, whilst moving to follow the principal, making sure Lee was following right behind me as he should be.

After a couple of minutes of following the principal, he went into one of the science classrooms and slammed the door shut behind him.

So, I just pressed my ear up against the door and tried to hear what they were saying.

"Two of them died this year" I distinctly heard the science teacher say, and a shiver was sent rattling down my spine upon hearing it.

"Holy shit Lee, two of the people in the cages died" Lee looked at me in disbelief. I took my mobile phone (which only had 12% battery left) out of my pocket and got the camera ready to capture a video.

I was going to hold it up against the window briefly, and hope to get proof of these evil crimes. I held my phone up against the window for a good ten seconds before viewing the outcome.

My excitement quickly deteriorated, and I became visibly disappointed as the video made it clear that they were talking about hamsters - and were just cleaning out the hamster cages.

"For Christ sake!" I whispered to Lee. "It's hamster cages, false alarm." Out of nowhere, I had an idea. A final attempt at uncovering this mystery.

"Lee, I need you to go in there and distract the principal as long as you can, okay? Just... Do whatever you can to keep him in that room!"

Lee nodded at me, and unexpectedly charged into the room like a bull in a china shop.

This caught me off guard a bit and I knew it probably wouldn't be long before the principal was throwing him out of the school by force.

So, I ran as fast as I could to the principal's office.

The door was unlocked which I really didn't expect, but by god I was glad it was. I knew the principal's office was very secure during the school term.

Nobody went in there - if the principal wanted to talk to you, he would step outside of his office.

Kind of leads to me to believe that there may be something he doesn't want us to know about in his office. But I suppose with it being the holidays, he has somewhat let his guard down.

I searched all around his office, looking through every single cabinet and draw I could, hoping to find something incriminating.

There wasn't much, just the usual things you'd expect a principal to have in his office.

Although, I did find something interesting - a map of the school grounds, nothing looked particularly unusual about it at first...

Until I noticed that there was a room underneath the hall - as I had expected all along.

But how does one access this area? I couldn't see any obvious way of entry and I checked practically every inch of the hall.

I suddenly heard footsteps pounding up the stairs, and quickly hid behind the principal's desk.

Two figures entered the room and I could immediately recognize them by their shoes as Lee and the Principal. "So, why exactly are you here again, Lee?" The principal asked him.

"I, uh, I just wanted to ask as many teachers as I could for career advice, sir" Lee replied.

"Well Lee, whilst I respect your effort to try and develop a plan for your future..." The principal said, throwing his master keys onto his desk.

"I must make it crystal clear to you that you are not permitted to be on school grounds outside of term time unless invited by a teacher." The principal said, before pausing for a few seconds.

"Come on, boy. I shall escort you out." He said, holding the door open for Lee. I was surprised he even let Lee in his office. I'd never even seen him allow a teacher in before. Eventually, they dissapeared. I grabbed the principal's master keys and wasted little time rushing back to the hall.

I barged through the doors to the hall, completely oblivious as to how much noise I was making. But I didn't care anymore, I knew that I was running out of time to do what I came here to do.

I observed each and every inch of the floor, eagerly trying to find a loose floorboard or something that would create an opening to the area below. But I found nothing, absolutely nothing.

I wasn't about to give up. I ran to the very back of the hall - the only part of the hall that had carpet on the floor instead of just wood.

I viciously began ripping the carpet up, parts of the carpet were being shredded by the sheer force I tugged at it with.

It took a good couple of minutes, but I eventually came across a trapdoor underneath one part of the carpet, it had a rusty padlock on it.

I fiddled around with the principal's master keys for what felt like five minutes, but was probably mere seconds, until I finally found the key that fit the padlock.

I unlocked the trapdoor and flung it open, revealing what was seemingly a bottomless pit of pure darkness.

I pulled my mobile phone out of my pocket again, and used the flash from it to light up the area below. It was quite a drop down, probably about 10 feet.

A little scary, but I knew this was my final chance to uncover the truth of what really lies beneath the school.

Undeterred, I lowered myself down into the area below, falling for a hot second before my feet hit the ground.

When I looked back up, I quickly realised that there was no way for me to get back up without a ladder - there was no going back now.

I noticed my phone only had four percent battery left, and the flash was eating it up fast.

I decided to proceed into the darkness without the flash on, planning to save it for when I really needed it the most.

I slowly made my way through a pitch-black corridor, trailing my hands against both walls to try and keep a sense of direction without vision.

Suddenly, I heard a sound in the distance - but it was quickly getting louder. Whatever it was, it was moving towards me at a rate too fast for comfort.

It sounded like tapping and scratching, getting louder and more intense with each passing second.

Unable to fight my curiosity any longer, I pulled my phone out of my pocket once more and turned the flash on. It revealed rats. Giant rats. Easily a few dozen of them.

I was well aware that these disgusting creatures were known to carry all kinds of diseases, but I didn't care. They were not going to stop me from advancing.

Making the most out of the battery I had left, I ran past the rats until I couldn't see a single one. Now I only have two percent battery left.

Getting out of here is not going to be an easy task when surrounded by nothing but darkness and oversized rats.

I kept on moving quickly, fully aware of the fact that the principal would have probably already noticed that his keys were missing.

Eventually, I found another room... but something was different about this room, I could sense it.

It felt much colder in here, and I could faintly hear some rustling from the other side of the room. And the smell, my god the smell was awful. More rats, no doubt.

Once more, I pulled my phone out and got ready to enable the flash. But, before I could, I noticed on the camera that there were multiple orbs in this room.

I had watched quite a lot of ghost hunters on television and I knew that these orbs found in pictures were often thought to be spirits.

These must be the spirits of the victims! Now my battery was down to the final one percent, and I was determined to finally catch a glimpse of the remains of these victims before I head back.

I was going to be the person who solved this mystery, and I would have photographic evidence to prove it!

I stood back and prepared to take a picture with the flash on, so that I would be able to see what was really in this room.

I took a picture and the flash went off, lighting the entire room briefly. What I saw whilst the room was lit shocked me to my core.

I immediately turned the flash back on to double check if I had really just saw what I thought I saw. I had... Those 'orbs' that appeared in the camera, were not orbs at all, but eyes.

Eyes of the victims that had been locked away down here for the past forty years. They all had stacks of bread and water next to them, and looked like they had been barely kept alive.

Their eyes were neon yellow, like the eyes of a cat - perhaps a result of being in the darkness for so long.

I could see a few skeletons where some of the victims had clearly died of starvation, but the ones that were still alive didn't look human at all.

They would have been in their fifties by now, but they looked so bad you would have thought they were a hundred!

They were so skinny that every time one of them breathed, you could literally see their organs press up against their skin! I approached one of the females, hoping that she would talk to me.

But as I got close to her she lunged forward and tried to take a bite out of my neck.

The only reason she didn't take a chunk out of my neck was because she was pulled back by her restricting chains. Out of nowhere, I was struck in the back of the head with a blunt object. As everything faded to black once again, I heard a familiar voice speak to me. "I told you that you would be punished if you let your curiosity get the better of you."

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