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Just wanted to write something, as it has been a while since I posted and I have had a lot on my mind :)


Lately, I have realized how much I take for granted

Be it food...

... or the people in my life

I think that many of us do not realize how lucky we are to have certain things until those things are taken away from us

Only during the bad times do we understand just how precious the good times are

I think we should all try to appreciate what we have a little more as it could all be gone in the blink of an eye

Instead of focusing on the negatives and how much better life could be, we should try to focus on the positives and the things that we are thankful for

This life is a one-time experience, so we all better make the most out of it and be happy for what we have instead of always worrying about the bad things

Eventually, this life will end. We don't know where. We don't know when. But let us all make sure our time spent on this Earth was worth it. Let's make sure our lives are meaningful.

Life is full of regrets, and It's normal for us to make mistakes and have bad experiences.

But the important thing is that we move on from those, and become better people because of it. We need to focus on the present instead of regretting our past or worrying about our future.

Treat people well, and make sure you don't take anyone or anything for granted. And remember to always be thankful for all the things in your life that make you happy.

These are tough times we are going through And I want to send lots of love and positive vibes to you all ❤️

We will get through this ❤️ Together ❤️

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