Letter: Strongest communication
                 Letter: Strongest communication  letter stories

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Hidden feelings of a letter 💘

Letter: Strongest communication

A letter is an emotion which binds together people.

You stay near or far it's good to write a letter to our loved ones.

In the world full of technologies emotional quotient has become less,

Let's write a letter to make our hearts race on.

The feelings which are dead in the letters of keyboard, make it alive by writing yourself on a paper.

The things which are not easy to say always have a way to be expressed in a beautiful way.

Your handwriting can tell the one reading your letter whether you were happy or sad at the moment, that's what will decide the feeling of reader.

When the one gets a letter whether you are young or old it's sure that it makes your heart flutters the most.

And if you have a friend you have to say sorry to, take out the pen and paper in front of you .

It will surely make her happy too and your friendship will be stronger too.

So, Let's write a letter to our dearly ones

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