How to Create a Pitch Deck
How to Create a Pitch Deck stories

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How to Create a Pitch Deck

by Jake Fisher @VentureJakeF

Your Vision

We help X accomplish Y through Z X = Your customer Y = The benefit you provide them Z = How you provide that benefit

Market Opportunity

What is the size of your market, how fast is it growing, key industry metrics?


What is the problem you solve?


How do you solve this problem? Demo time, show it off! Don't be affraid to leave a little mystery, think Steve Jobs first unveiling the iPhone,

Underlying Magic

What makes your product great? What set's you apart, your secret sauce.

Business Model

Keep it simple, make it obvious. Our customer acquisition cost is X Our average sale is X Our margin is X

Marketing Plan

What is your growth strategy? If you need 1000 customers to make a million dollars, how will you attract those 1000 customers?

Management​ Team

Have you had a successful startup in the past? Do you have any respectable accreditations? (i.e your a Dr. or PHD) Valuable work history? Better be impressive. (Worked at FB, Twitter, Dropbox)


I don't have any competition is not an acceptable answer. Someone does something at least in your ballpark. Investors want to make sure you at least know how to Google.


5-year overview of estimated revenue and expenses. Be attractive but realistic, by year 3 you probably won't be as large as Facebook

The Investment

How much are you attempting to raise? What kind of funding? (equity, convertible​ debt...)

Good Luck!

600,000 new business are started each year in the U.S 4,500 companies are funded by VC's How will you stand out? @VentureJakeF

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