Blind From Within
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Blind from within

Blind From Within

Have you ever felt,

Living a couple of decades,

But nothing in hands to grab of,

Small things, that too left to melt,

Cried so hard that your stomach pops out?

Shifting like river courses,

Jumping from branch to another,

Succumbing to mere floating between living and survival.

Life is tough, life is bad

Blaming through was child’s game

Heads down,

Eyes down,

Slow steps,

Trampled self –respect,

Hardly having the strength to retrospect,

Ears ringing of obsoleteness,

Sight more dark than the blind,

And the rarest moments when you think,

Blank has become the mind’s new fad.

Next is a river left to cross

Confidence neither to jump nor to swim

Bridges shambling down in front of the eyes

I stand

I stand

Neither waiting nor thinking

I stand

I stand

I stand to regain strength …………..

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