Pristine Mistakes
Pristine Mistakes lonely stories

venkataramanan Community member
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Mistakes it is

Pristine Mistakes

Mistakes and mistakes,

Brimming and frothing,

Sinks you down to the vortex of darkness,

You never know how it ended up as a mistake,

But before you know, you are painted black.

I beg for forgiveness, I plead

But the ears have turned deaf

My tear droplet blares as it reaches the ground

Reminding me I am alone yet again.

I will do anything to get you all back

But have you all done enough to accept me?

Have people forgotten that mistakes can be honest?

Mistakes can be genuine too, right?

You make mistakes out of love.

You make mistakes out of anger.

You make mistakes out of agony.

You makes mistakes because you are human.

At the end of day,

Blamed are you for being human,

Our wonderful world is indeed funny my dear friend.

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