the no ones
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venice ig: @venngogh
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A Prologue.

the no ones

He held me into his arms as if it wasn't owned by somebody else. And god, I wish I was you and what does that make me? A fool. My head on his chest and I couldn't think of you.

my heart felt no remorse although everything I do, I do in your favor.

And I am more than a fool, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke that lingers on his body but I long for it. And god, it aches to crave for something I hate.

It's not his fault. I just fall in love too many times and aches all at once when all this time I am wounding myself because of these crave that seemed to take over my body.

I bet it was nothing to him, just thinking of how I want him to think of me satisfies and intensifies the ache. And I cry when it hurts. It fills up my chest. And my tears are warm.

Its as if weeping like you are crying out hot boiling water and you'll never wipe them off because it burns.

And those are mostly silent tears and that's what hurts the most because your lungs aches for him but I can't scream out the fire that burns into my chest. Do you see now? It's on me.

I did it to myself, I set myself on fire.

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