his arms is not a home
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venicetwitter: @muyven
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oh young love, learn to understand that everybody hurts, including the person you love but that doesn't mean they need to be saved. sometimes they just want to be alone.

(also, i am on my 2nd year of college so wish me luck!! this semester better be good)

his arms is not a home

by venice

human's physical connection is such a peculiar way of attachment; it is so natural and unnatural at the same time

like once he is yours, his arms are suddenly home and you get used to that place

assuming that its doors will open for you anytime, as if it's yours to break-in

yet you had a body to call your own but you thought it wasn't capable of your comfort

there is something so out of love, so forced, so obligatory about his arms around you

that somehow you might've forgotten that his walls are broken too and couldn't let you in

but he did because he said he loves you, but dear, he is a sanctuary but he is not a home

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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The wording and flow of words were excellent. I would have liked to see the stanza broken up a little bit more. The wording was excellent for the delivery of your message. Your message was clear and mature. Great poem.