Inquisitively existing By:TD
Inquisitively existing 

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vendetta_tn I love to story tell, shit,who doesn't?
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I observe our human life and question it just like any other human. I have theories, but we all have theories...

Inquisitively existing By:TD

What makes us humans?

What makes the body,

The soul,

And the mind?

What is faith?

What is peace?

And what is love?

So, what is our purpose?

I have a theory, A very vast one.

There are so many questions in our human minds,

It gets to a point...

Where we create a sphere of our own world,

Inside of our mind.

When there is only us against the world we are in.

However, whenever, whatever

We go through.

Our minds is the embodiment of our human life.

It shapes our experience to whatever we want it to be.

Our souls is what carries us through,

Our purpose is when we find that oath we were always destined for,

And our faith is Made up from our experiences since we cannot physically see God.

So yeah, we inquisitively exist,

And pre-exist in our futures.

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