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vekaiisad trans guy.
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by vekaii

You left us.

you told us we were rude and toxic people, then you got up and left. you have no idea how much you hurt us. everybody soon turned their backs on you and started talking shit. i didnt.

I missed you.

i had feelings for you, and you knew it. i was waiting for the perfect moment to ask you out but now it's too late. every night i lay in bed and regret everything i said or did to you.

You meant so much to me.

it almost feels like im grieving over you. i probably am. for the first time in my life i felt love. you were my soulmate. please don't forget about us- don't forget about me.

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This sounds like something that really happened.It was written with craft and empathy joining in your message. I could almost see this person walk away. the piece brought forth such ethos. that I wanted to immediately come to your defense. Great poem.