Being Black in America
Being Black in America blm stories

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Black Lives Matter

Being Black in America

Just imagine being black in America

Your father Your mother Your sibling

Just another causality A week long News story One after the other in this amoral reality

The matter of Black lives is not up for debate If you disagree,

You're getting advice from those people that found 'MERICA so God Damn great

You try being me, Black in America


You try your hardest to prove who you can be. No don't use your privilege, do it just like me.

After all I Just want to be treated just like you You see?

The point is elementary

I live like them Them live like me

We try to prove our worth Knowing all we can be

They control who they pick And it ain’t us folk

In short, those luxuries are not for you and me

They tell us "it's not for you to go and get a degree"

They hate us for our skin color, just taking our lives

The war is so big,

These are our rights too, so scream BLACK LIVES

in America trying to survive

we've had enough of your senseless killing

Too many mothers, fathers, children have cried.

Not all of us brothers and sisters have been on the ground begging for our lives

The fear runs deep It's as simple this

A Mother texting her babyboy "Until you get home, I can't sleep"

They will not accept defeat, hiding behind the lies

About the black humans they've killed The culture, inventions they stole from our kind

"Shhhh, don't say that" it damages their white pride

But I'll say "If they protect "all lives" what about mine?"

They enforce the law for me, but not the whites with the TEC-9s

A broken system Abusing the power we provide to normalizing hate

Continuing to push racial divide

So many

Too many Black lives murdered for no reason

With "MAGA" in the White House and in their heads To those people being racist is in season

Justifying someone's murder to exonerate of a "blue" life Should be considered treason

White suprematists in Blue killing us for no reason.

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