What Do You Like?
What Do You Like? dark stories

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This story is about the questions that arise in ourselves and it addresses the one particular question.

What Do You Like?

This is the common question that anybody asks to an other person.But sometimes to me it is a very tough question which i cant answer and try to skip these.

I ask myself this question always and i don't get the proper answer.

One day i tried to ask myself taking one example which i tell people that i like.I usually tell people that i like to ride Harley Davidson and i like bikes.

Then people used to ask me questions like What model do you like in Harley Davidson?,What are specifications of the bike?,What is the cost of the bike? and so on.

And frankly i don't have any answer for those questions because I don't even know why i selected that bike.Then i started thinking about how i think about the things.

Sometimes I used to tell people i like some things, to just be in the conversations and few because it will be fun to say so.

Anyone will usually tell that they like do something because they found something interesting in it or they feel happy to do them.

Coming back to Harley Davidson, I told people that i like this bike because its costly and it is good looking.I don't even know what price it is,what is the engine power or even the model.

I don't think people just say things like this and even really interested to know more about what they like.

This thinking is inculcated because, from childhood everything is given to me by my parents.

My parents used to give me everything which is best for me before i think about what i need. I never got a chance to think all by myself and my mind tuned to that.

Now i have to think by myself, I cant able to take decisions without consulting some one close to me .

I am struggling to take decisions now due to this thinking, these are not bigger problems of my life but its effecting my life a little.

Now I am trying to tune my mind to know about the things and then like them.

Its like collecting data and then training the robot, I don't like to put this way but it is the fact and i have to live with it.

The worst part of this story's example is I don't know how to ride a bike and i am not even interested in it.

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