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Startup essentials. Market, needs, growth, founding team.

Startup Essentials

by vascopatricio

What defines startups is growth. Growth trumps everything.

This will mean filling a need in order to scale quickly. Growth strategies will change with scale

The cornerstone of growth is understanding users.

Filling their need. Iteration. User interviews and studies. Knowing them better than anyone else. Understaning users = growth = success.

You need a great founding team

Determined, enduring, knowledgeable founders that can bring it home. Ideas don't matter - execution does.

Trouble and failure will happen. Endure them.

Nothing works at first. Expect rejection. Failure. Iterating over and over.

Startups are evolution on steroids.

You'll learn the best and worst of you and your founding team. You'll face and smash your fears, your core beliefs, and what you truly believe in.

In the end - it will be rewarding. In more than one way.

Even if you don't become rich by having a massive exit, you will learn more than in any other career direction.

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