Depression in Startups
Depression in Startups startups stories
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Short story about depression in startups. Causes and fixes.

Depression in Startups

by vascopatricio

Depression is a major problem among startup founders.

Many causes at play: higher risk, constant uncertainty, stress

Founders take higher risks by nature

This lifestyle, unstable at times, put us at higher risks for mental health issues

The constant stress doesn't help...

As don't the anxiety, fear, paralysis by analysis, judgment by outside people, and others.

Support from close people is important

Parents. Significant others. Close friends. And more.

Inner game counts. Cultivating fortitude. Centeredness.

It's important to stay strong throughout this difficult and unique path

Consider therapy. It's not being weak. It's being human.

We all need help sometimes. We all fall. We all fail. But we get back up.

At the end of the day, we can overcome these obstacles.

Reach out to close people. Seek help if needed. Understand we all fall. And all of us can get back up.

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