The Day has risen today

    The Day has risen today poem stories

vari09 Student | Nature Lover | Learner
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Better to break the loose thread relation.

The Day has risen today

May You Rejoice and Live on The Day has risen today Having for both of us a different way What a strange twist this is

Who knows where it started and where will it end Neither he nor I could understand that The dreams we had seen together Why has he started shattering them slowly?

He was so close to me once suddenly Why he became so far from me? I haven't asked you for the whole of paradise Then you chose not to share with me wise

The way you changed I am thinking …. Am I dreaming or have I woken up from a dream Do not make stray in the gloomy streets That you start avoiding exchanging the whole gist

Once I thought Why does smoke rise from a candle along with light But understood that I was in the dark streets All the time …….. (2) May you rejoice and live on

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