School Memories

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School memories that we cannot forget

School Memories

School where we started our journey Made friends, strangers nowadays It was great fun with new learns Building imaginary costly urn

Sometimes teachers were as cold as ice, They always taught us to behave nice What a nice place with no menace Proper dress and creating no nuisance

Cracking jokes and friend’s late come Makes us jump out of the seats and cry It was always a part of our memory With no everlasting garden of flowery

I remember the effect of lessons We get even night dreams thinking Is Alpha, beta, periodic tables a lullaby sings? We need always give the best in every hour

Either a Chemistry reactions with Concentrated H2SO4 Or Mugging trigonometric identities

Always made to work hard to get marks more We fell once school is such a jail Eyes half-open, shoelaces undone Then come to a mother word

Your homework still not done Late a minute in wake up Have to run fast to avoid culp Not to have morning sit up

To avoid scolding of the teachers Always we manage time to pick up Our parents give us bribe Get good marks and have a price

Friends Reunion remain to be desires To rend seas asunder the fires Talk back to teachers, and detention we serve No doubt, it is sometimes what we deserve. That what my school memories curves.

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