Hidden Moon in Cloud

        Hidden Moon in Cloud love stories

vari09 Student | Nature Lover | Learner
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The title symbolizes Feelings as Moon and Heart as Clouds.

Hidden Moon in Cloud

When I fell in love with you I feel like in a temple, a burning candle I wished never to fall in love with you, But it was completely beyond my control

I become water of the admiring river The only path in which I can flow When you pass by I feel like a scented cool wind

You are the god whom I pray Your smile is the shower of praise I always admire you in a temple of love

When I see you sad I feel like rain in summer and wish In the world of the stars, Whenever you need someone, You find me close to you on this earth

The way you fill colors of love It seems very difficult to express The feelings with words

When due to rumors you left I feel like to burn the sarcastic world But you took me a promise to never meet you I feel like why I ever fell in love

My streets are missing your visits, today after I met you, I learned to smile I learned to halt & enjoy every day

When you left then you took with you Every reason for us to live together Come back ......... By - vari09

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