You tricked me on the phone!
You tricked me on the phone! percy jackson stories

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Tyson gives Percy a prank phone call.

You tricked me on the phone!

(percy picks up his phone) Percy: hello,who is this? Tyson:(squeaky voice)Hello,this is Annabeth! I'm going out with Luke right now!!! Percy: But he's dead!!! Tyson: I brought him back,seaweed brain!How nice to disobey Hades who doesn't even know what I'm up to!mwahahaha!!

Percy: Stop messing with me,Annabeth!Show me Luke right now! Luke's ghost: Percy!Miss me? Percy: I'm telling Hades!! (Percy calls Hades.Hades is really annoyed.) Hades: What is it,Percy Jackson??? Percy: Get your butt up here cos Annabeth brought someone back from the grave!

Hades:I don't sense ANYONE brought back!!!Are you fibbing,Jackson??? Percy: Well,your sensing skills are pretty low!Get your butt up here!!

(Hades grumbles and reluctantly leaves the underworld.He's extremely mad.Percy makes a call to Annabeth.) Annabeth:Hello Percy! Percy:Give the phone to Luke please Annabeth. Annabeth: What are you talking about?He's dead!!! Percy: Don't act all innocent!You brought him back!

Annabeth: Is Hades with you? Percy: Yeah! I told on you! Annabeth: Hades,I swear!I didn't do it! Hades:(nodding)I knew that. Percy: But she told me she did!She even put Luke on the phone! Annabeth:(laughing hard)You mean Tyson's little prank call trick? Percy:(blinking)What?

Annabeth: Ha!You got Hadesed!Wait that doesn't sound right...(starts muttering to herself.) (Percy glares for a moment but then starts laughing.) Hades:(mouth fuming)You kids!What an absolute waste of time! Percy:(quietly to Annabeth)Well that was fun... (Tyson rings the doorbell.They all laugh and fall while Hades slumps stubbornly on the couch.)

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