It was meant to be a kiss
It was meant to be a kiss  greek mythology stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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A poem about the death of Adonis and the wild boar responsible

It was meant to be a kiss

Cythera saw the beast in chains It began to howl and cry "Release me from this unbearable pain! I did not mean the fellow to die " "Oh did you not want to kill the one The goddess loved like a son?" The beast was astonished that was not on its mind To kill the boy;had it gone blind?

"Oh,wretched beast!"Cythera cried "That was no accident!you have lied!" The wild boar stared at the man who died His own heart shattered inside

"No,cythera, my words were honest I had never meant to harm adonis I had wanted to kiss not maim The scoundrel held his head in shame

"Oh,ravenous beast How dare you slay Or should I say 'kiss' Your innocent prey "

The miscreant was brought Before the goddess of love He sought forgiveness from the woman He merely gazed above

"Beast,I am not glad That my sweetheart is dead However I feel sad For your very thick head "

The boar's eyes glimmered "O generous aphrodite! My hopes have shimmered Your heart is,by all means, mighty!"

"Oh,beast, why ever did you Want to kiss a human being?" He replied,"I had no clue How pretty he looked when I was seeing!"

"O Aphrodite I never knew He had meant so much to you Release me into the woods and I will Keep my oath and never kill "

"Beast I thought you had a heart so ill But your care has made me thrilled!

I will grant you a gift of fame The whole Greek history will value your name You are the only un-wild boar You will receive praises galore!

"Your beautiful gift I hold in esteem But I do not deserve to live my dream "

With that the beast waved goodbye And stood by longingly to die

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