U gotta See Bunk'd!
U gotta See Bunk'd! bunk'd/ stories

vanitysmurf Heartless?
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U gotta see this show!

U gotta See Bunk'd!

Hello,it's Starfish again and PLEASE don't tell @choChang07 I'm on 'er account...

So,anyway there's this cool show called Bunk'd and u Gotta see it!!! @choChang07 sometimes sees it and she wants to see 6 episoded a day!! I sneakily watched it from my hiding spot and liked it too...

Here's some info 'bout some of the cast...

Emma:So obsessed with fashion and doesn't think 'bout the real problem unless somebody reminds her. Ravi: A TOTAL NERD and sometimes they don't get what he is saying,it's like he swallowed a dictionary.

Zuri: Sister of Emma and Ravi. She is a great promoter and likes to bribe people with money. Tiffany: She is also a TOTAL NERD and is terrible at violin.She named her violin"Violet". Her mom's a world-renowned scientist and is very strict.

Xander: The cutest guy I ever saw,and he dates Emma.He has a fake pinky toe,and he comes from a football family,even though he mostly likes to play music with his guitar,Gabby.Gets lost easily. Luke: Brother of Zuri,Emma,and Ravi and is a total prankster.An expert at archery.

Jorge: Farts a lot and wants to go to the bathroom with door locked and lights off.His fellow cabin mates complain 'bout the mess. Griff: a juvenile delinquent recently new to the grizzly cabin.He is not that bad,though. He's athletic.

Gladys: Camp owner.Always rejected. Murphy: Cook who cooks roadkill.His food taste terrible. Hazel: Jealous of Emma and loves Xander,though he doesn't love her back.Very sneaky.Annoying.Gladys's niece.

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