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read this if you read "The third triwizard tournament begins."


DAY OF THE THIRD TASK... "Scorpius!"Albus shouted as he looked for his friend all over the castle.He found him at last hiding behind a bed in the hospital wing." pssst," he whispered as he glanced around nervously."I grabbed a supply of polyjuice potion for you,and a lock of my hair.You'll have to go instead of me.It's for the best."

"But,"Albus started to say,but before he could finish,Scorpius reached over and drained the tasteless brown potion in his mouth. Albus immediately felt a change creep through him.His dark hair turned a bright shade of blonde,his bangs shortened,and he shrank an inch. Albus looked at his friend in the mild tension in this room. "But why aren't you going?" "I didn't want to crush your dreams."Scorpius admitted.

"Oh,Scorpius,"Albus said softly. "You aren't crushing my dreams." "But I feel like you should go...I'm not really the one for adventure."Both friends smiled for a moment,then Scorpius reminded Albus that the Polyjuice Potion was going to wear off soon,so he better get going.

Even though this was what Albus had recently wished for,he was a little terrified after what happened to his father's friend,Cedric Diggory.As he lined up with the other champions,he felt his hair darken."Ladies and Gentlemen," called Julius Ventile's headmaster,Mr Murray."I declare the third task starting in 3...2...1!"He sent up a shower of sparks with his wand,as every champion entered the maze.

As soon as Albus was faraway in the maze,a lengthy distance away from the others,did the Polyjuice Potion wear off.Soon he wasn't Scorpius anymore...and he was heading closer and closer to the face of danger.A speedy force slammed into him,pinning him down,pointing a wand at his throat."You're not really the other one,are you?"It looked like one of the kids in Bianca's school."You're just a dirty liar,Albus Potter.Like your dad."

"You know my name?"Albus asked,mesmerized.He started to get up,gazing at the Ilvermony kid cautiously.He seemed almost twenty years old,and it was a surprise he was still at school in Ilvermony."I am the son of the dark lord,Voldemort,who your father killed.I came here to avenge my father's death.I wanted to be the champion,you know,but it had to be my friend."He sighed.

"But your dad was evil!" "Shut up!"He dug the wand tip further in Albus's throat,where it started to draw a miniature drop of blood.But before he could go deeper,Albus clung to the wand and twisted it so the end half broke."You cannot escape the wrath of Grant Riddle!" the Ilvermony boy snarled.He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dagger,but Albus knocked it out of his hand with a simple wand charm.But,unfortunately,

the dagger flew in his direction and stabbed his side,knocking him down.His eyes were blurry,but he was sure he could see the Triwizard cup a few feet away.That's impossible,Albus thought,I couldn't have gone this far.Grant laughed behind him,saying,"Go on.I made you reach the end.Grab the cup." Albus knew it wasn't the right choice,but an impulse betrayed his thoughts.

"Go on,"insisted Grant."Trust your instincts." "But they're wrong."snapped Albus."You can't make me do this."Grant's look was cold as he pulled out his wand and shouted,"Sectumsempra!" Albus shrieked in pain as the cut in his side opened fresh and almost 4 pints of blood poured out. Grant smirked as he strode over to the cup,leaving his victim screaming and holding his injured side.

But Albus wasn't going to give up.Despite the extruciating pain he was in,he crawled slowly and caught up to Grant,which was easy considering the pace Grant was walking at. Albus held Grant's leg tight,and knocked him over.He felt his pocket for his wand,but figured he didn't have much time .He did his instincts a favor as he grabbed the cup. Grant gave a deafening screech as his figure vanished.

Albus grabbed the cup.He had won.As he made his way back through poison ivy,hinkypunks,and boggarts,he was greeted by Scorpius and a few other Slytherins. After the party,Albus was a lot cheered up than he was in the maze.But he had to admit,he felt sorry for Grant.He walked toward one of the gravediggers who had arrived just in case someone had perished."Hello,Mate!" said the gravedigger."Looks like nobody died."

"Actually," said Albus patiently." Someone did.I want you to make a grave for Grant Riddle,in case we find his body."

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