The satyr's spell

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vanitysmurf Heartless?
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A poem inspired by @sassmyass1

'I'd rather go blind'

The satyr's spell

I went into the woods for a drink from the well But before I did,that wretched goat from Hell Just as I lifted my bucket from the well That's when he cast his mischievous spell

I started growing horns for heaven's sake That's what I saw when I gazed into the lake In my legs was a searing ache Perhaps those furry hooves weren't fake

When I tried to reach the berries in the tall trees to eat The Satyr kicked me in the shin and I started to bleat I tried to catch him as he sprinted but I wasn't that fleet Still I grabbed on to the horn of the devious cheat

I demanded him to change me back,and I gave him an evil look Seeing my greatest glare,he nervously shook I let go of his horn that felt like holding a hook He bleated for a while,then off he took!!

How dare the monster so easily escapes??? After pulling that outrageous jape Leaving me to scream and shout Looking like a bizarre ape

By @vanitysmurf

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