The Gringotts Bank Robbery Chapter 1
The Gringotts Bank Robbery

         Chapter 1 harry potter stories

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Harry and his friends are on s mission to solve a bank robbery in Britain's Wizarding World Bank.

The Gringotts Bank Robbery Chapter 1

Owl Mail arrived at the Great Hall.The students who had subscribed for the Daily Prophet gasped as they read the heading: " Gringotts Bank Robbed. Couldn't Find Thief". "We have to find out who the thief was!" exclaimed Ginny."If we want to get kicked out in our last month,then sure!"Neville stated matter-of-factly. Seeing everyone's raised eyebrows,he quickly replied,"But I'd loovve a good

adventure!" "Silence!" McGonagall made herself heard over the chattering and gossip."School is closed for the month.Please pack your trunks and follow us outside.Thank you," She rose from her staff table and immediately the leftovers in her plate vanished."We'll meet you later,guys!" Harry waved to his friends as everyone headed to their dormitory.

As the school met outside,Neville and Hermione giggled pointing to Ron's back. "What's so funny?"Ron grumbled,turning around. Hermione,trying to keep a straight face,retorted,"Ron,you do realize you pinned photos of Snape dancing on your backpack?" "What!?!" Ron took his backpack off and tore of the images on the front."How did this get here!?!"

"Wait!Snape was dancing???!!" George gasped."No!He was supposed to be paddling in his tubby!"But before anyone could ask what exactly he was doing outside a Professor's bathroom during vacation,McGonagall announced that the Hogwarts Express had arrived,thanks to the upgrade.Seven besties held each other's hands as they stepped inside the train.

Harry got into a compartment with Neville,George and Hermione and the rest sat at the opposite.Ron was laughing his head off at something Ginny was gesturing at. Luna cleared her throat."Aren't we gonna plan anything for Mission Find The Thief?"She suggested,smiling at their trying-to-act-innocent faces.Breaking the awkward silence,Neville raised his hand,shouting,"I got a plan!".

"Uh,Neville,I'm not your teacher."Neville blushed."So this is the plan.We need to make the whole Diagon Alley know know that Mr Branchius Britshire has a huge fortune and his vault is highly protected and no wizard could EVER pass it.Then,everyday,we ask the goblins that work there,'Did any pesky person ask you for the key to Mr Britshire's vault,and if so,what's his name and we'll know the thief!" He

smiled,bowing. "Stop's here,mate!" declared the driver,waving his hand to the passengers behind.Everyone poured out,some happy to take a break from school,some just plain homesick,and some sadly hugging their friends goodbye. "See you soon,guys!" Ron and Harry shouted as Mrs Weasley came to pick them up.They WOULD find the thief.They knew it.

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