The birth of Apollo
The birth of Apollo apollo stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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A poem about the greek god of music,prophecies,archery,healing and what else

The birth of Apollo

The raven shrieks In a voice so shrill It wakes up the minute old Warrior of skill

Messy hair And eyes of teal The baby's hands Had the power to heal

In the island of delos The baby laughs At a nearby Grazing calf

At his presence Monsters flee Yet they can't hide From the God of prophecy

At the place of his birth Is a longing stain Where his brightness Casts out all rain

As he reaches the snake His arrows draw near The beast perishes At the hands of the seer

The men all dance The maidens sing The party goes on Throughout the spring

Every day the people plead Consequently All are freed

Praises heard From the perpetual messenger The coldhearted will Eventually surrender

The wind blew east At the hour of your birth Even Hestia Left her hearth To see your coming Upon the Earth

By @ vanitysmurf Aka. Sue ♡♡♡

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