The 3rd Triwizard Tournament BEGINS
The 3rd Triwizard Tournament

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Harry's son Albus and his friend Scorpius wait eagerly for the next Triwizard Tournament.

The 3rd Triwizard Tournament BEGINS

The new children in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry are looking forward to the third Triwizard Tournament.Almost all of the kids in the school desire to be chosen.But no one wants it more than the famous Harry Potter's son,Albus. He hastily scribbled his name down and dropped it in the goblet while convincing his best friend,Scorpius Malfoy to join.

"It'll be fun," said Albus."Three of the people in the last tournament survived,remember?"Scorpius chewed his lip."You owe me a Firebolt." He dropped a piece of paper with his name in the goblet too.

THREE CHAMPIONS It was time to find out who the champions were from the three schools:hogwarts,Durmstrang,and Ilvermony."The champion of Durmstrang:Juilius Ventille!" the headmistress,Professor McGonagall called out as a mischievous-looking blonde kid shuffled toward the door at the far end.

McGonagall cleared her throat as Julius's friends calmed down."The champion of Ilvermony...Bianca Davis!" A deafening cheer erupted from the left side of the room as a pretty short-haired girl with neatly-applied mascara disappeared into the opening too.McGonagall had to clear her throat again to decrease the volume."And now," she began,rather proudly."Time for our Hogwarts champion.

"And our Hogwarts champion is...Scorpius Malfoy!" The Slytherins shouted with glee and patted Scorpius on the back,as he nervously made his way to the rusty door.Albus watched him with envy.He WAS very proud of his friend,but he had dreamed of this moment all his life,to become a champion of the Triwizard Tournament like his dad.This was his only chance.And his only chance was gone.

THE FIRST TASK the three champions stood inside the broom shed as they looked at tiny replicas of the dinosaurs they were supposed to be facing.They called the champions one by one to face the large lizards they were assigned."Scorpius Malfoy!" called McGonagall.Scorpius trudged slowly at the fire-breathing monster.He almost had a heart attack when he saw

it burn down one of the obstacles.As he turned to look it in the eye,he bent down.Curious,the dinosaur bent down too.Scorpius's plan worked.He aimed his wand at its eye and cried,"Incendio!".It was gruesome.The monster's eye caught on flames the parts that didn't catch any turned black and scorched.Now that the dino was blind,he took off as fast as he could and grabbed the egg.He had done it.

THE SECOND TASK The champions gazed below them at the wonderful gleaming water they were instructed to dive in to find and rescue their loved ones from.Finally a shower of sparks erupted,and each of them jumped in the lake with a big splash and searched.All around him,Scorpius glimpsed grindylows,a kind of water creature like ugly mermaids.

At last,he found three people,hands bound to the rocks,shrieking for help.That's weird,Scorpius thought,they're supposed to be given a sleeping potion.Nevertheless,he swam over,since he didn't want to delay.And he recognized his crush,Polly Chapman,the last person he expected to see in the lake."Help!Scorpius!"she shouted.Scorpius removed her shackles."Quick," he said,"I'll give you a piggyback ride to the surface."

THE THIRD TASK As Scorpius reached the surface,everyone booed.He could see why;he was in last place.He turned to Polly,ashamed,but she giggled and kissed him,which made him feel a little better."Scorpius!"a familiar voice shouted,after Polly left to join her friends."Albus!"Scorpius called back as he caught up to his best buddy."I failed."That's okay!"

Albus reassured him."I'm sure you can win the third task." Yeah,Scorpius thought,I could win the third task..."But for now let's just hang out,"suggested Albus,as the two of them strode cheerfully to Hogwarts. TO BE CONTINUED...

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