The Tragic Story Of Orpheus and Eurydice.
The  Tragic Story


Orpheus and Eurydice. orpheus stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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The sad story of a man wanting to bring back his wife from the underworld.

The Tragic Story Of Orpheus and Eurydice.

With eyes stinging and red, And not properly fed,

I didn't stop until I reached the land of the dead.

I heard the spirits moan About wandering all alone

But I had a problem of my own Said the worry in my head.

My sweetheart I sought In this whole place of rot

Many specters I passed But find her I did not

O how dark and cold For a tough man so old,

I trembled as I hid In the fleece that I got.

I looked up for hope But how could I get-

What was stolen from me With an invincible net?

I traveled the land With a broken hand

I wanted to give up But my heart was set.

There was a night but no day And a long endless way

Every corner I searched And for long I did not stay.

But I pulled out my lyre And started to play

That left Hades was astonished And with nothing to say.

I asked for my wife The light of my life

And he agreed to help And my sorrow melted away

But don't look back he said Or she will remain dead

Then my sweet Eurydice I led Away from bloodshed.

But for a warm embrace it broke And I came home home with my eyes soaked

Every night I always gaze At the shimmering stars And think back to my days With Eurydice,now roaming afar.

Hope you liked it! Challenge: Write a poem about a myth from any mythology.

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