Some other funny greek stuff I'd like to share...
Some other funny greek stuff I'd like to share... puns stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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some more jokes I made up about greek mythology.

comment ur fave!

Some other funny greek stuff I'd like to share...

Daphne:...And this random guy started chasing me- Apollo:What did he look like? Daphne:Well,he was wearing laurel leaves,he claims he's as hot as the sun,and well,he is! Apollo:(calm and mature)okay Apollo(after Daphne left):

Hera:Who are you looking for? Zeus:(sighing dreamily)Semele Hera:!!!!!!!!!! (there's a noise...) Zeus:There she is! (turn next page)

Zeus: Semele,say hi to Hera!

Eurydice: Wud u pass me the salt? Orpheus: Get it yourself Eurydice: Wud u retrieve my soul from the dark,deep,Underworld? Orpheus:

Daedalus:Do you want to fly with these coll,awesome wings I made? Icarus:no Daedalus:why? Icarus:It's Tuesday Daedalus:How is that a problem? Icarus:I only fly on Sundays

Dionysus:I think u shud cancel my punishment cos i don't grunt,cry,storm off,shout,scream- Zeus: But you do whine (like "wine" get it?)

Hermes:Poor,baby Athena...what did you feed her? Zeus:I didn't feed her anything Hermes:But what's that stuff in Athena's mouth looking like a mixture of cotton and mud? Zeus: That's my brain,duh!

Sorry,can't tell any more jokes right now,I'm doing my chores! chore 1: kill the Nemean lion Your typical chore,right?

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