luna gives quidditch a try
luna gives quidditch a try harry potter stories

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luna wants to try to be keeper to impress her crush.

luna gives quidditch a try

Luna wanted to try quidditch to impress her crush,Neville. She stated her idea to Ginny. " Are you crazy,"said Ginny,"You're not really the athletic type." " Whatever it takes for Neville to ask me out." said Luna.

Luna got permission from the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain to take the role of seeker. The team thought upgrades would increase their chances of victory.

Luna got ready and steady on her broom. she had to admit,it felt uncomfortable to sit on a flying broom.

Ravenclaw team flew off. Luna hovered near the hoops.(she was a keeper). A Gryffindor chaser hauled the quaffle into the third hoop. Luna slapped her head.She was only guarding the first hoop.

Luna bolted to the third hoop,but another chaser won a goal at the second. " This is useless!" Luna screamed. Then she landed and ran off,deeply embarassed.

" Luna,wait!" Neville called. " What's the point!!!" Luna shrieked."We lost anyway!" Neville came up to luna. " I just wanted to say..." said Neville," Will you go out with me?It was cute watching you try to be a keeper."

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