Just a second by @vanitysmurf
Just a second

by @vanitysmurf song stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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(my song)

Just a second by @vanitysmurf

there's a place for some me-time And I always wanted to show ye No matter how hard you tried You can't rid me of my privacy cos this night is about ME

looking in the mirror with ecstasy Filled with good looks and vanity With outfits dark as ebony Everything looks good on me

Just a second,I'll come back soon Just a second,I'll be up like the moon I'm starin at my mirror til noon But my beauty needs background music you could play the tune

My club says I'm too obsessed Now introduce yourself to reality But not yet,I'm not all set I gotta say hi to joy and glee I need some time for vanity

This night is about meeeee This night is about meeeeeeee This night is all about me

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