Funny smurf stuff!
Funny smurf stuff! smurf/ stories

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Funny smurf stuff!

Smurfette:You want a kiss? Hefty Smurf:Why,yes!(sighs dreamily at Smurfette) (Smurfette brings a snoring,drooling lazy smurf towards hefty Smurf) Smurfette: Kiss him

Weakling Smurf: What's archery? Greedy Smurf: Shooting arrows Here have a try Greedy Smurf:(Suddenly howls in pain) Not at me you idiot!

Handy Smurf: Where's Gargamel? Grouchy Smurf: Gargaling Handy Smurf: ???? Grouchy Smurf: He's gargaling Handy Smurf:????? Grouchy Smurf: HE'S GARGLING!!!!!!!!

Finance Smurf: Lazy smurf,you can't hear me can you? Lazy smurf: says nothing Finance smurf: I need to behead you

Brainy Smurf: Papa smurf says we shouldn'r smurf around in smurf on the smurf cos smurf is smurf and smurf never surfs the exact smurf smurf and smurf smurfs smurfxactly the smurf smurf........... smurf smurf smurf....... (suddenly starts rapping) Oh the smurf is the turf!!! oooooooooooooooooooooo la!

thanx for reading! comment ur fave joke and like! (if u like)

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