Fragrance of death
Fragrance of death perfume stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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A guest with an odd scent comes to my great-aunt's funeral.

Fragrance of death

During the funeral of my dear great-aunt,

A man comes with a weirdly odd smell

The perfume smelled like giant dogs and mud,

And samples of blood from hell.

"Are you the great god,Hades?" I asked with wonder

The least he could've done is smile.

Instead he turned away and bent

And started sorting through some files

The other people did not notice

The man or even his scent

When I sniffed again it smelled like roses,

And I wondered if I had dreamt.

At the end of the funeral I wasn't ready to go

I followed the stench as I trode,

I stood near my great-uncle and sobbed

Like the Styx our tears flowed.

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