EXTREME TRUTH OR DARE:a date with capital D.
EXTREME TRUTH OR DARE:a date with capital D. fleur delacour stories

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A truth or dare game leads to a bad start.Date's over before it got started...

EXTREME TRUTH OR DARE:a date with capital D.

Hermione: Truth or dare,Ron? Ron:(puffing his cheeks)dare. Harry: oohh...this is getting exciting. Hermione: (hesitating)ask Fleur on a date. Ron: Fleur Delacour? Hermione:(nods) Ron: (getting up,breathless)I'll do this. (Harry and Hermione watch Ron as he walks over to the Beauxbatons table.Fleur is talking with her friends.)

Friend 1:Hey,Fleur,I bet you wouldn't stand a date with a deezgusting loser cos you'd give up and dump'em soon. Fleur:Hey!I'd dump zem after the date. Friend 2:We'll see about zat!(points at Ron walking toward their table.)go out with zat one! (Fleur swallows but gets up .Ron and Fleur are walking toward each other.) Ron and Fleur:(in unison)Will you go out with me?

Yes of course!(they both blush and look away) Ron:(nervously)So...uh...meet you midnight? Fleur:(trying not to gag.)Yes,of course.

(It's midnight and Ron and Fleur arrive at a candlelight dinner in Hogsmeade.Fleur's dress is surprisingly hideous.Guess she didn't bother to put on fine clothes to date a loser.) Ron:(cheerful)I ordered a romantic pack of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! (Fleur tastes one and winces.She spits it out on a white saucer.)

Fleur: Sorry,whatever your name is,but I prefer French Crepes. Ron:(suddenly furious)But the're too expensive!I don't have 550 galleons in my tiny pocket;Don't take advantage of me! Fleur: I'm breaking up with you!I don't care what my friends'll say but I am! Ron:What- (Fleur gets up and leaves,accidentally spilling a

pack of Every Flavor Beans on the floor and on a mudpile. Ron shrugs and eats one off the mudpile.) Ron:At least I finished my dare.Who would want to date that stuck-up french fry anyway?Though she's kinda sorta a hot one...

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