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vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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thanx to @kaylynn
for the idea!


When I first got here in this strange, unfamiliar land You convinced me it's okay and held my hand You were 19 and I was 11, but to talk to you was fun Out of every creator to first welcome me, you were the only one @sstar2000

We both shared our worries And fears alike We both shared things That we weren't totally psyched We had so much in common, we didn't even know I wish we were together in real life, playing under the snow @denis_daily_fan

I felt famous just TALKING to you Your unique sense of humor put me out of the blue You are funny and funky and caring and nice You remind me of my french fries (lol) @wwf or @gachaoliver

Nerdy interests And comments returned There is always one thing common That we both just learned You are new I could help you Between you and me Our brain gives a clue @socallednerd

In comments on almost all of my poem, I really have to thank you You're the one who encouraged me And I knew that our friendship was true You liked my posts about the greeks You really are something unique @lothirielswan

Differences don't matter You taught me that long ago Your kind comments always made my day When my hopes were low So I made this dedication So we could improve our nation @medha_gautam

In learning funky style Playing all the while reading your quote posts inspire me So maybe my CEO won't fire me (just kidding im 11 years old) We both make a half In the team of good laughs @mahlermaniac

Rising stars Of poetry ahead Up I look Light shades of red You make me sparkle with inspiration You are the key to poetic elation @summerbaby

Working on a puzzle that I once made You are the "lemon" in my lemonade But you have left,oh why??? You make a big change to Commaful,not gonna lie @theecollin

I didn't know you that much But you still mattered to me I wait impatiently for your next post They're written hilariously It was only a matter of time since you earned Commaful star Hope you didn't change the theme I like it just the way you are! @ak909

that's all! Did I miss someone???

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